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A Good Life is to be Fun!

2021-12-16 20:05 - 0 Comments

There are symbols to almost everything: gay community, luck, breast cancer, aids and more. So, why not a icon to represent the Fun Theory? An icon to be seen everywhere, all the time: in T-shirts, sticks, stamps, magazines, outdoors, pins, signs, the moon!!! Something universal, clean, strong, inspiring, to really make a statement. Like the smilie face, but in royal blue. It is positive reinforcement linked to other subjects such as driving, eating, the environment, people, love, health or safety. The idea has been out there for years, but there is a need for a concrete message. The motto is to enjoy changing: culture, learning, teaching, making a better world, step by step. Because big changes need a first step. The slogan would be: "Funnier life is better life". The blue circle to remind us that there is nothing as simple as fun to change our behavior. To educate. To show us that we can learn to love, to care, to save and to feel joy when we otherwise would not. We don't have to feel sorry, pain, fear, guilt or anger to be a part of it. Just look to the blue circle to know you already live in a better world. Just to the blue circle and feel good to be good! Just look to the blue circle and volunteer yourself! Submitted by Patricia Vasques.



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