Giggle-Tickle Stress Bracelet

2021-12-16 21:07 - 0 Comments

Most of us struggle with stress. Stress sucks. We feel like it creeps up on us. But it’s hard to fix before it kicks in. We feel like we need to keep it to ourselves. But then we feel alone dealing with it. And all this stresses us out more. Understandably. What if “stress tools” were; positive ideally, humorous? Powerful part of a bigger movement? Present prompting our constant awareness and action? Private when we need and want to be discreet? Public when we need and want support? So like, what if a bracelet could help us learn to de-stress every moment? It senses our stress by temperature or heartbeat or tone of voice or something using one or more sensors. It lets out a little giggle or tickle (if it’s on “vibrate”) to say “check in and chill out” with a small speaker and vibrator. We could briefly peek our daylong mood…or leave it lit as a signal to others of “it’s safe”, “sos”, or “keep away” with lights that press on and off. Then maybe we could laugh at stress. nd then beat it, one moment at a time. Change wouldn’t feel so lonely or scary. We’d all be better, happier people. In a chilled-out world. Submitted by Ela Ben-Ur



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