The Giga Machine Gum

2021-12-16 18:41 - 0 Comments

Nobody's waiting to find a bin to throw an old gum, it's easier to throw it in the street, anywhere in the street.
It's amazing the number of old chewing gums that is stuck on the ground, a billion of small colored spots living on the pavement. When the gum is quite new, it follow you home and stick everywhere to finally make a mess.

Dispose a plexiglass box in a park or in a street where pedestrians are passing by.
The idea is to make the biggest chewing gum ever chewed by adding all the old chewing gum people are throwing. In a giant plexiglass box, people walking in the street can throw the gum like in a regular bin. The box is chewing the old gum, it agglomerate all the gums together.
Why not reaching the biggest gum ever chewed? We can try to make the biggest bubble from it.
Isn't it fun?
Submitted by Lucas Bounéou



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