Germ Wash

2021-12-16 18:03 - 0 Comments

We are not so enthusiastic to wash our hands before eating or after using toilets. Whereas, we intake thousands of germs everyday through these hands. Therefore, this initiative is to make hand washing FUN. If we some how can see all the germs strolling in our hand then we will certainly paying attention to wash our hands. Because, we believe more what we see. My idea is to install a special kind of hand basin in schools, hospitals and restaurants. There will be an electronic microscope fitted beside the tap and a monitor will be set next to the mirror, where people can see the output of the microscopic vision of their hands. When someone will wash hands, he/she can see the germs of their hands and will keep washing the hands till all the germs have gone. It will be a satisfying experience. If somebody got immense germs in hands, an alerting sound “Danger, Danger” will come from the built-in speaker of the monitor. When the germs will wash away to a harmless limit, a “Green light” will indicate it and speaker will say, “Your hands are safe now”. This would be a pretty fun way to encourage people to wash their hands. Submitted by Mohammad Abdun Naser Bhuian.



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