The Garbage Sorting Competition

2021-12-16 16:13 - 0 Comments

Make the sorting of the garbage fun by making it a competition between the neighbours, the street you live on, the city or even the whole country. This garbage container will scan the trash and determining how good it is sorted. You will be able to have your own ”garbage sorting average” and compare it to your friends or the neighbour. This container for plastic will scan the garbage bag you put in and give you a sorting score. If the sorting score is too bad it will have to get resorting and the contrainer will automatically drop it in the ”wrong side”, or if it’s high enough in the right side. The sorting information could also be uploaded to the net for easier access.
The screen on the container will tell you your score and your rank in the street, city and country, or when making a new user, guiding you through the process. Nice and easy, make it a challenge to beat your bowling buddies in garbage sorting!
Submitted by Johannes Engell Kamber



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