Future ex-smoker helping booth

2021-12-16 14:10 - 0 Comments

Smoking cost a lot both to individual and societies: healthcare, litter, fires, land used to grow tobacco instead of food, lost productivity, etc. In order to help people quit smoking, booths could be installed in cities where future ex-smokers could get help during craving periods. During that hard moment, their mind and body would be solicitated by fun things so that they could forget about the need of nicotine. Future ex-smokers would be given a card with a code so that no helping session would be the same for them. Inside the booth they could dance, exercice, punch a bag to let go aggressivity, be shown videos or play games, even talk to someone if need is to be encouraged to keep strong. They could be rewarded for their efforts by having fun.
Submitted by Jean-Francois Duval



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