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Skin cancer is on the rise. Dermatologists have 2 big concerns: 1). People don't put on enough sunscreen 2). They don't reapply often enough. To raise awareness in a memorable way, FunScreen can be set up at public pools and beaches, either temporarily or permanently. A misting product (much like a spray tan), FunScreen offers full UVA/UVB coverage that is applied in a unique way. People stand beneath the FunScreen "shower head" and activate it by pulling a string. A highly danceable tune begins playing as the FunScreen sprays the person beneath. The person can dance or move around for the full 20 seconds it takes to get complete coverage of their whole body. Moms can bring their kids with them and dance together as everyone gets FunScreened. A large digital display clock will always be set ahead an hour and a half, with a reminder message that this is the time to return for yet another FunScreen application.
Submitted by Kat Gordon



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