Funny footsteps

2021-12-16 16:45 - 0 Comments

People often walk on the track intended for bicycles, thus jeopardizing the safety of both them and bicycle riders.
Additionally people do not exercise enough. Walking and running are considered to be very healthy, but mostly people are bored to do so. The change of rhythm while doing these activities is extremely important.

Funny footsteps is an easy way to encourage people to walk or run but at the same time to stay on their and not bicycle track. Funny footsteps are based on an observation that when people walk they often try to follow some patterns (not to step on lines, or to step on leaves).

Funny footsteps are drawn on the pedestrian path with translucent paint, so that they can be seen in dark. Footsteps are in different shapes and also on different distances so that people have to change their walking tempo and make stretches during walking in order to step on some more distant footsteps.
Submitted by Nevena Stojanovic



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