Fun Healthy Waiting

2021-12-16 19:36 - 0 Comments

What do you while you are waiting for a bus or in metro?
What do you think about moving your body and engaging in group activities?
A healthy mind is in a healthy body .. with so much around us we spare less time to work out and do not move our bodies a lot. On the other hand, with all those calculators , we are not using our minds to make those simple calculations ..
So let's make good use of the time and make the waiting fun , and turn calculations into a semi-dancing activity:
Installing a big calculators in public bus stop or metro, where big keys are on floor and screen on the wall. But this calculator is Different.. This calculator gives you a number and you have to inter a formula by stepping on keys instead of pushing them . Player will either divide , add, subtracts or multiply numbers to give the answer written on screen.
The more the merrier .. two can play this game and compete to different levels. Levels can be by giving bigger numbers and asking for specific formulas like: only multiply or only divide..
More fun ;)
If player did well a sound will praise him/her with funny phrases. if they did a mistake a voice will make a funny comment ..
This way: we move our bodies .. we use our brains... we mingle and interact with people and we can possibly make new friends ... and We spend the time of waiting in a funny and useful way ..
Submitted by Mayss Al-Zou'bi



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