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Free fitness center

2021-12-16 20:15 - 0 Comments

The primary concern of any government is to keep its citizens healthy. Apart from securing good hospitals and access to healthy food, it also must secure availability of sporting places for people to keep fit. The problem is that prices for fitness centers are rising substantially as more and more people attend them. We want to change this relationship to the contrary and, plus, generate energy.
We suggest introducing a free fitness club, where electricity will be generated solely by attenders themselves. For that, we suggest using energy of falling water, which will be brought up to the fitness club roof by pumping it up while doing exercises. This extends possibility to generate electricity from gym bikes to all sports equipment. The reason behind that is opportunity to transfer any sportsmen movement to back-and-forth movements in order to activate the pump.
So the more people would attend such free gyms - the more electricity would be generated, hence, the fitness price decrease to zero. and every one is happy!)
Submitted by Dmitry Golubnichy & Andrii Shekhirev



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