Fortvna Foam

2021-12-16 20:55 - 0 Comments

The concept for our project is simple, we want to make washing your hands fun by making it useful as well. Since its invention in 1946, the Magic Eight Ball has become a common household item which has helped thousands of different people make decisions about innumerable subjects, and which has held the fate of many events, some of which we dare not speculate. Ah, to be indecisive, and have a magic device to give you the answers to your questions.
Named after the Roman goddess Fortvna, goddess of fortune, and the personification of luck, Our device is a soap dispenser meant for public restrooms which has been programmed to dispense, randomly, soap foam of one color or another; respectively yes or no as an answer to any question you may have. Should I go on a second date with this girl? Should I have another drink? Should I call in sick tomorrow? Will I get fired if I call in sick tomorrow? The possibilities are endless! We want to emphasize that the color which is dispensed must be a consequence of randomness; only then will we get a useful, unbiased answer.
The machine will have an LED screen displaying "Ask me anything," slowly running along its width, and a simple legend explaining the choice of colors: color 1: yes, color 2: no. We suggest white and blue, given that research has shown these colors to be pleasant to our eyes. We are aware that the world is not so black and white sometimes, but it does not hurt to be daring, and get a definitive answer once in a while. Who knows, it may just make all the difference.
The mechanism inside should have two valves which hold either color soap, one of which closes randomly in order to allow only for one color to be dispensed at a time. A simple chip may be enough to make the device random.
Ultimately, our idea is inexpensive, does not disturb others in the restroom, by producing sounds, for instance, and is really a lot of fun. Moreover, it will encourage people to wash their hands, and thus help prevent the spread of dirt and disease.This is our chance to help improve personal hygiene, and provide people with answers to all of their questions. Everyone has questions...what's yours?
Submitted by F. Mauricio Artavia



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