The exercise bus

2021-12-16 08:57 - 0 Comments

The concept is to reduce carbon footprint whilst promoting exercise (through financial benefit).
Using available and utilised technology people can access public transport using smart card payment system (i.e. oyster cards in London).
Available at selected seats are pedalling systems, during their journey the user can pedal (at their own pace and desired duration).
The user inserts their smart card into a display located on the rear of the seat in front, they are then credited funds to the card depending on the power they generate. This display will also show standard information e.g. distance travelled, calories used etc.
The pedal system in turn is used to generate electricity which is stored and used to power the bus (electric-diesel hybrids to be introduced in London from 2012), the more electricity generated the greater bias the bus has towards using the power source.

This solution can also be implemented on other forms of transport such as trains, trams and taxis. In addition alternative exercising methods can be utilised such as the pulling mechanism as used on a rowing machine.

Submitted by Steven MacLeod



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