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Emma and Gary

2021-12-16 11:53 - 0 Comments

The society needs to develop a habit of throwing away the trash and for that we must teach to the children the importance of throwing away the trash in the right place to have a better future. That's why the action of throwing trash must be something fun and think it's a game. The children will get excited with the idea of throwing the garbage and even they will be eager to reach the nearest boat to start having fun. The trash bottle will be a friendly character, cute, funny and will smile at the moment you put your garbage in order to teach the children to care for the environment. The trash bottle becomes a character that motivates you to play while you care for your planet. Emma and Gary invites you to have fun while you separate your garbage. The children will have two new friends to take care of their environment and at the same time they will learn to separate their waste into organic and inorganic. Emma and Gary respond with empathy to receive the trash that corresponds in each character, encouraging children to return whenever they want to throw their trash. With Emma and Gary. Turn your trash into fun! Submitted by Ma. Guadalupe Tovar Villegas.



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