Dunk N' Dump Bin

2021-12-16 18:15 - 0 Comments

Collection of garbage is a serious problem faced in Indian Urban areas. The lack of seriousness for channelizing the urban solid waste may well be associated with the lower density of the dustbins, but giving a reason to throw the waste into a bin could only be good for the cause. The design can potentially be attractive particularly for the younger generation, developing garbage throwing skills to showcase accuracy in the throwing arm. For those who prefer dropping the garbage in conventional way, a rectangular slot has been provided as well. Welded connections are provided at the pipe connection with supporting columns. Similarly, the basketball ring is also welded into the support columns. Meanwhile a riveted connection is provided to rotate the horizontal pipes attached to the dustbin. The dustbin can be rotated thus for removal of garbage. Contrasting colours are used for an eye-striking design. Submitted by Neel Shah



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