Dog's Leftover Competition

2021-12-16 18:44 - 0 Comments

Did you ever walk on a street, through a park or any other public place and suddenly stepped into something a lovely little dog left right there? Of course you did, the streets are flooded with ... well, doggie's leftovers. Everybody thinks it is disgusting, but nobody feels responsible for it. Even though free bags are available everywhere to pick up those leftovers, they are not used. So why not add a little twist to picking up your dog's gifts? Many people love competition, especially when it comes to their pets. The Dog's Leftover Competition Machine is basically a trash can just for bags with your dog's leftovers. But after throwing it away, the machine weighs it and ranks your dog. You even can save your dog's name and it will be shown on a scoreboard, which displays the first, second and third place for that certain day as well as the all-time champion ... leftover. Moreover, everybody will be happy because they can walk on clean paths again. Submitted by Maximilian Bierbaum.



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