Dog Peeing Zone Station

2021-12-16 11:36 - 0 Comments

There are thousands of residents in New York City who have dogs for pets. People carry plastic bags to pick up after their dogs but there is no clean up for urine. Urine is very acidic, and destroys concrete sidewalks, plants and trees. Acid from urine eats right through the bark of a tree, and cambial zone straight to the wood zone, which destroys the trees defense system. Urine also contains a lot of salt that deprives the plants of water and burns their roots. Streets and sidewalks are also being contaminated as well giving off a foul odor throughout the city and tracking urine waste into homes.
The Dog Peeing Zone will be an alternative to trees and sidewalk use. It will prevent the contamination of trees, plants and sidewalks, to keep New York City a clean city. There will be a Dog Peeing Zone Station on every street block. This station will work like any traditional water waste system.
There will be two ways for how the Dog Peeing Zone Station transfers urine into the sewage treatment plant, either it goes into the sanity sewer (a traditional setup in houses) or into the combined sewer. Urine will travel through the pipes into the sanitary sewer line then flow to the intercepting sewer where all the waste will be treated at the sewage treatment plant. Second, like the average storm drain system (where the excess of water from rain is directed to opening in the street and flow to the river), the Dog Peeing Zone waste will flow from the main line to the combined sewer lines, to the regulator where it will be transferred either to sanitary sewer than to the sewage treatment plant or to the combined outfall.
To make this Dog Peeing Zone interactive, we will create a sound sensor within the opening of the drains where the urine will enter. When a dog is relieving itself the urine will pass through this sensor, and nature sounds will come out from the log stump (which will have a speaker inside of it), sounds such as rain, birds, wind, and the ocean. This will allow the dog owners to enjoy sending their dogs to this station, not only will it help the environment but also give off fun playful sounds that anyone can enjoy.
Submitted by Fashion Institute of Technology



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