Colourful steps

2021-12-16 09:22 - 0 Comments

How nice it is when we go to work to go with a smile instead with a sinking heart and knitted brows. Just a few steps before the office door, for less than a minute, can give you better mood by turning you into a lustrous creator who is proud of his unexpected masterpiece.
Every step over the magic stairs shines with a bright and joyful color. It provokes you even to dance or to draw for a moment a new good spirits. Under the weight of your hidden creative talent measured in kilos, every single place of this stairs reflects the pressure of the plexiglass cover placed over many sponges soaked with paint, which streams over the flatness and leaves a permanent footprint under your shoes. In front of your look after every single step the ordinary grey stairs turn into a colourful carpet.
Let’s make our day more colourful!
For more fun!
Submitted by Elitsa Beneva, Jordan Zarkov, Hristo Zarkov



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