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The idea is to use cars which cause a lot of carbon emission to also act as a source of greenery and compensate for the pollution.
The approach is simple - Cars will be fitted with greenery on their rooftop. A special tray will be fitted on the rooftop which will have hard soil as a substitute for soil. There are various types of polymers, gravel etc which should do the trick. In these would be planted small plants which would make something like a turf on the top of the roof. There will have to be some experimentation on the type of plants but we should be able to get a number of plants which will satisfy the conditions on top of a roof. Maybe some kind of grass etc. The tray will be slightly higher than the height of the plants to prevent the air hitting the plants directly. There could even be a fishing net type of cover on top of the plants which would let air and sunlight come in but not with great force so as to uproot the plants.
This whole thing would be a fun activity as you could choose different plants based on your personal taste. Cars would look nice would different plants on their rooftops. The dashboard could indicate the amount of carbon emission you are offsetting. You could spend time watering the plants and taking care of them. Like a car, the rooftop could also become a style statement. The more the cars in a city more would be the greenery. Like people discuss their cars they could discuss their rooftop plantations.
Submitted by Vikas Kumar



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