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Can You Plinko It?

2021-12-16 15:27 - 0 Comments

My idea is based on the game of Plinko, from the tv show, The Price is Right. It's meant to be a fun way to recycle cans because aluminum is one of the most environmentally harmful minerals to mine. Basically it's a plinko board that is on top of a recycling bin for cans and bottles (only if your region accepts cans and bottles mixed together), so that they can be recycled normally if they'd rather not play. To play Plinko, the participants must crush their cans so that they are each circular, which is why a can crusher, such as the DIAL Can-Ram Aluminum Multi Can Crusher, will be provided next to it.
The hope is that this game will attract groups of people so that it becomes a competition. After each can is crushed, participants use their now crushed can like a chip and drop their can from the top, trying to pick the slot that slot will help them end up with the highest point total. There will be a bar that can be flipped up to catch the cans to avoid any disputes about which slot the can went through. Afterwards, the bar can be flipped down to release the cans into the bin...or the cans can be removed to play again! Submitted by Anna Zhao.



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