Boxing Machine Hand Dryer

2021-12-16 13:18 - 0 Comments

When it comes to helping protect the environment, keeping in mind everyday behaviors, like washing your hands, is the key to the bigger picture. Paper towels harm the environment in a number of ways beyond deforestation. The fossil fuels expended on machinery and log transport; the pulping process which results in the emission of harmful pollutants; the negative effects of trucking from manufacturer to client; the production, use, and disposal of bottled chemicals for increased maintenance; and the trash created from the paper towels themselves as well as the plastic trash-can liners all contribute to the bottom line that electric hand-dryers are the greener option. Can we get more people to use the hand-dryer by rigging it up to a Boxing Machine Game? Step right up, test your might, relieve a bit of stress, dry your hands, have some fun, and save the world. Submitted by Matt Flandorfer and Peter Toutant.



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