Boxing Lighting

2021-12-16 18:04 - 0 Comments

My idea is to produce street lights powered by dynamo. This stand-alone lighting would basically run itself and also not use any electrical wiring, so that the lights can be placed virtually anywhere. Cities, villages, islands, everywhere. Both government and private persons (as an extra to the city treasury, the government might account for the production and sales) could put up streetlights of this variety. If the LED is used for lighting are also sufficient these lights an entire lifetime.

To make things more fun you can hide chassis dynamics behind a high impact boxing ball or the like, which closes around the pole. Passer-man can beat any kind or stay a while and exercise. It would be a perfect tool to relieve the stress after a busy day, placing pent aggression or a surplus of energy - and simultaneously benefit both society and the environment.

Anyone can easily get some extra exercise and at the same time strike a blow for a brighter future

Submitted by
Bob Axell



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