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A Book at Every Bus Stop

2021-12-16 21:05 - 0 Comments

Imagine that you never had the time to read. You forgot what it was like to absorb a new book. & your friend Jodi, at work, never reads. Imagine you get so tired driving home you’re worried about your reflexes & so irritated fighting traffic in the morning your blood pressure is going up. And you watch the dark, billowing cloud coming out of your exhaust pipe like it’s eating away at the clean air all around your house. Imagine that you wanted to relax, slip into another world, learn something, play, imagine. Imagine that you could step onto a warm, lit, comfortable mass transport service for pennies on your gas dollar, find yourself a seat & a connecting map & dive into a book you’ve never heard of, that you couldn’t usually afford. Imagine that a whole collection of free books…& the travelogues of other riders…books of all sizes and types, disciplines and levels of difficulty, were sitting there waiting for you, at the train, the monorail, the ferry…at the rest stop and airport, the shuttle service, the bus stop…a little holder of lending books… honor system…donate what you’re done with… …from one person to another. & a list of reviews is tucked into the pocket for guidance. Imagine that. Submitted by Stephanie Diane Pierce.



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