The Zischer

2021-12-15 21:39 - 0 Comments

Disposal of Cigarette Ends: How can we make it fun? Through the Zischer. The Zischer is located at bus stops or other public venues. It is a trashcan designed specifically for cigarette ends. Above the Zischer, there is a sign, asking people to throw their cigarette ends into a hole at the top of the can. When the cigarette enters the hole it passes a light barrier, which activates the mechanism. The electronics and motor are set into motion and soap bubbles come out of holes on the sides of the Zischer each time a cigarette end is disposed. When the Zischer is not activated, these holes are closed. The energy that the Zischer needs is produced through a solar panel on top of the Zischer (the solar panel is covered with glass) or by energy step stones around the Zischer. These step stones produce energy each time people step on them. At night, the Zischer’s sign glows. There are also light circles around the Zischer’s holes, so that it can be used when there is no daylight.
Submitted by Lea Schücking



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