Yoga on the Metro

2021-12-15 16:14 - 0 Comments

We don't conceive a transportation system as embodying neutral values, but recognize it as a social construction that creates a certain type of power structure. Metro system hides people's characters, hence a cheerless atmosphere is created. How does this value constitutes norms and results how people behave and use the urban space?

We can change the routine of city living for better by an alternative movement and embodied experience. This simple proposition enables voluntary knowledge dissemination, free and classless; offers a refreshing beneficial time of a day; and allows the human-ness to blossom.

'Yoga on the Metro' is one example activity that can take place in the commute. It alters everyday compulsory time wasting -- qualitatively and quantitatively.
Obviously, fun shrinks time : )

Submitted by Prang Lerttaweewit and Anders Mellbratt.



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