Velcro Grocery Bag

2021-12-15 16:32 - 0 Comments

The main problem of the green grocery bag is that people forget it at home. We wanted to change the mindset of shoppers when it comes to bags: today it costs them in Toronto 5 cents for every plastic bag. It is obvious that a cost is not a deterrent of forgetfulness. We want them to think of the green bag in terms of savings. To that effect we are proposing a grocery bag that you can stick velcro grocery list items on. This saves the shopper time from having to write a list or call their spouse to tell them what they need to buy. It also saves their sanity because. should they take their kids with them shopping, they can assign pieces of the velcro grocery list to the kids to keep them busy while they search for those items in the store. Last but not least it doubles as a grocery store membership card (i.e. in order to earn points they need to present the clerk with the bag that has a tag that can be scanned with the membership bar code). We are attaching a screenshot of this. Submitted by Mihnea Galeteanu



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