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Useful Bus Stop

2021-12-15 18:44 - 0 Comments

It is known that waiting at the bus stops for people becomes boring. In most cases, people spend this precious time in vain.
My idea is not to spend this time in vain and to become this process fun for people. For this purpose I offer the following game, in which take part several players who should answer the questions represented on the monitor hanging near. Each question has three presumable answers. Players must choose the correct answer pulling the springy handle (A, B or C). This process is accompanied by relaxing music. The winner is that player who will pull the handle of the correct answer. The winner gets points and the game continues until arriving the bus.
In my opinion my idea-game is intellectual and physical exercise for the people. At the same time it will be fun to wait for the bus.
Submitted by Zviad Sichinava



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