Transforming fat into fun and electricity

2021-12-15 23:28 - 0 Comments

We know that energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed, our project is to give visibility to the burning calorie during work out in a fun and sustainable habit. Using a ergometer bicycle, instead of use a friction belt to cause the calories burning it will be replaced by a dynamo electricity generator. During the work out the dynamo will feed a video game console, set on the handlebars, with electricity and the rest of it will be sent to a electric batteries bank that can be used to supplement the electricity spent on lighting and heating / cooling of the local where the bike is. The vídeo game screen will informe how much calorias the user has transformed into electricity and how much the videogame has consumed and how much will be stored. To have an extra motivation we can put these bikes in public parks, squares, or philanthropy places to reduce energy costs

We believe it will be fun to work out, control the body mass, to play games which use electricity produced by the user and collaborate to produce sustainable energy on the planet.
Submitted by Adriana Gazetta Bragotto



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