Trampoline Generator

2021-12-15 17:37 - 0 Comments

I think it'll be great to make donating fun and easy by putting up special trampolines in parks that are connected to electronic scoreboards. When people jump on the piezoelectric trampoline it generates energy which goes towards building up energy credits for a particular charity cause. People can select the cause they want to support on a digital booth before they start jumping. The energy is collected in a battery or goes directly to the energy company via power lines. When the energy credit score is full for any cause, a donation is made to a particular charity and then the counter is reset. You can put more trampolines to allow lots of people to jump and appropriately make the digital booth more sophisticated so that people jumping on different trampolines can be generating energy for different charity causes. So everyone can jump a little when going for a walk in the park and give to the world & help others while having fun!

Submitted by Lakshmi Sandhana.



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