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Traffic tetris

2021-12-15 20:38 - 0 Comments

There are motorists who try to be in the fast lane in spite of knowing that they would need to change lanes in a short distance

1) The stretch just before a junction is treated as a point for motorist to correct their lanes. This leads to confusion, traffic jams and accidents.

2) If which car is headed in what direction is known in advance then it would be easier to control traffic

3) Traffic Tetris makes this possible in a fun way.

To participate, every motorist needs to define his destination and the route he’d take. Vehicles heading in the same direction are given one color.

Now that it is clear which car is heading where an automated system plots your current and expected position at main junctions. This display can be seen in your car. If you make it to the right lane as per the system, your car is rewarded points at main junctions.

If all cars fall into right position traffic signals automatically stay green as a bonus. Every month the car with maximum points will win a prize. Defaulters can be recognized easily and penalized.
Submitted by Meherzad Karanjia, Khatija Beguwala



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