Traffic Jam Fun Service

2021-12-15 21:24 - 0 Comments

Wow! I am stuck in a traffic jam! Great! Why would anyone think that? You might think it’s only someone who is crazy or under the influence of alcohol… Let me reassure you that isn’t true. If you, like most everyone, find traffic jams annoying then you ought to use the Traffic Jam Fun Service. This service can turn a traffic jam into something fun and positive. And it is also good for the environment because bad tempered people can of course poison the atmosphere, whereas happy people do just the opposite. How can the Traffic Jam Fun Service achieve this? If you are stuck in traffic you earn points, and the more points you earn the closer you are to becoming TrafficJammer of The Year. You can keep track of your rank in the traffic jam league by checking it on the display of your navigation device. If you do end up becoming TrafficJammer of The Year it will be our pleasure to invite you to a gala in New York, Los Angeles or some other fascinating city in the world where you will receive your TrafficJammer of The Year Award from the hands of a world celebrity of showbiz. And last but not least as member of the Traffic Jam Fun Community you can meet other members when you are stucking in a traffic jam. Just let the Fun Service orient you, get out of your car and meet hundred of new friends, other members of the Fun Service who are stucking in the same traffic jam as you. And on a lucky day you may meet among them your darling while other trafficjamers just get angry complaining that they hate to waste time in a traffic jam. Wouldn’t that be wonderful compensation for having spent so many hours stuck in traffic?
Submitted by Michael Glas



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