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Speed limit competition

2021-12-15 19:51 - 0 Comments

Nobody likes speed limits, but if we make it fun, drivers will try to do not overcome the limit. HOW?

There are radars on the street showing you actual speed you are driving. Your speed will be memorized and compared with other speeds memorized before you. All this information will be ranked from the one most closest to speed limit down to slowest one. If you overcome the limit you are disqualified. But if your speed is closest to the max. allowed speed your ranking will be displayed on the screen over the street.
speed limit 50km/h
there are cars before you driving the speed:
1. 49,3 km/h
2. 49,2 km/h
3. 49,0 km/h , etc

If your actual speed will be 49,5km/h your rank will be showed on the screen "1st"
If your speed will be 49,1km/h you will be ranked "3rd"
But If your speed will be 50,1km/h you will be disqualified.
Submitted by Miroslav Dutko



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