The Shopping Cart Return

2021-12-15 22:33 - 0 Comments

Problem: Shopping carts are not being returned. Instead they are left scattered around the parking lot, often occupying a parking space and sometimes rolling in to vehicles causing damage while unsuspecting shoppers are off shopping.

Fun Solution: In this fun idea We are proposing a way for the shopping cart returns to be fun in hopes to change people’s behavior in positive way. The idea is that when a customer returns the cart to the proper place the slot machine like tumblers will begin to spin. If the tumblers land on three of a kind, bells will sound indicating a winner. The reward in this proposal is getting three in a row. However, other rewards may be offered by the shopping center. This shopping cart return is powered by renewable energy and is triggered when the cart crosses the three beams.

Submitted by, U.S.A



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