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Save Water Over-Head

2021-12-15 19:34 - 0 Comments

Consistently communicate creatively simple & short water conservation messages'. Put up illustrations on water conservation on the ceiling of the hair-washing cubicle. When patrons/clients are reclining on the chair to get their hair washed, the illustration will be right in their vision. The sound and feel of the water on the head and the message above will engage the various senses of the person to make a sub-conscious impact. In those 3+ minutes of hair wash, the person will have 2 options – close eyes or see a beautiful & often funny illustration. The illustration can be changed every 30 days (faster in the case of men saloons)
The employees at the saloon can be empowered as activated change agents by training them on water conservation and giving them information on each illustration. When they see a client paying attention to the illustration (reading, smiling or reacting), they can accordingly share their knowledge and motivate the clients. In the process getting motivated themselves too!!
These illustrations will enable two-fold intervention – 1. hair dressing saloons can be mobilized to adopt water saving products & methods (change to water efficient shower & faucet heads) 2. Messages can be communicated to customers through illustration & reinforced by saloon employees by showing them the water saving through their actions & methods. For hair can be washed clean with less water too. And who best to say so then those whose business is to wash hair well.
Submitted by Jasrriet Mahal



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