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Saliva Reading Machine

2021-12-15 15:12 - 0 Comments

Downtown, there are many public places which have become so famous that they people use them as meeting spots. No problem so far. Every person who come here is waiting and doing things in order to make minutes pass. There is also no problem in the fact that the main activities people do while waiting are chewing gum and smoking cigarettes.
The problem is that the waste resulted from these activities is disposed on the ground. We can change this kind of behavior by easing peoples’ s wait and by placing some devices called “Saliva reading machine”. Starting with the insight that the chewing gum and the stumps contain the saliva belonging to the person who consumed them, we can consider this waste personalized and , therefore, this device will be able to tell the future of every person by reading the DNA from his saliva.
Taking into consideration the fact that this is only the insight, the device will function easier. It is a device similar to a “hand reading machine”, but instead of inserting coins, we insert the above-mentioned waste. By having a sensor detecting each inserted cull (it would be better if it could detect also the existence of saliva), this device will generate on his screen a message referring to the future of the person who have disposed that cull (garbage).
This device contains a wide database containing many funny messages which will attract people and make them be more interested in collecting garbage using it.

Submitted by Dobrin Daniel



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