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Pong Dryer

2021-12-15 21:04 - 0 Comments

In public toilets, where hand dryers are available, most people use toilet paper to dry their hands because it is faster. We are wasting paper using it in the wrong way; this also means we are cutting trees because we can't wait one minute using the hand dryer. Other consequence is more expenses buying more quantities of toilet paper in every place where a public toilet is located.
Thus we propose a funny way to use this service and we call it "Pong Dryer". It is a hand dryer with a monochrome graphic LCD on the front where the Pong video game is displayed. The users can play the game while are drying their hands, the movement of hands move also the racket. The game lasts while the pong dryer is on and starts again with the next user. This way more people will use the pong dryer instead of toilet paper because the fun theory works!

1. We save money saving toilet paper
2. We save trees saving toilet paper
3. Monochrome graphic LCDs has very low consumption
4. Green power sources can be used to power the Pong Dryer

Submitted by Jorge Millan



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