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Pedaling Battery Charger

2021-12-15 20:23 - 0 Comments

Very often it happens that you are away from home and just when you have to make an important call, your cell phone is discharge. The pedaling battery charger is a sort of phone booth that allows you to recharge every type of phone. Inside you can find several attacks and certainly there will also be your among them. The pedaling battery charge looks like a bicycle: by speed and force with which you pedal you recharge more or less quickly your phone. The seat can be positioned in two ways: sprint (vertically) where you can ride faster if you hare in a hurry or soft (horizontally)so that you can take a break and relax. A tachometer inside will let you see your speed and see the speed at which you are recharge your mobile. Inside the cabin there is a mechanism to collect the energy kinetics while you pedal so you can recharge your mobile in a completely ecology way. Moreover, while you pedal, you can also keep you healthy by physical activity. This is a great way to relax, have fun, stay healthy, be ecology friendly and have not missed important opportunities!
Submitted by Diego Zanitti



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