2021-12-15 20:47 - 0 Comments

The Partytram

People are mostly bored when riding a tram. Not so in the “Partytram”. inter-active motivation clips aim to motivate guests to try out simple dance steps, such as stomping in different rhythms or doing very basic salsa or tango steps.

People have a natural drive to play and imitate others. The clips are designed to address this urge and enable people to experience different rhythms, sounds and steps. As soon as one individual begins to stomp or let out sounds, others are quickly infected, and the tram becomes a joint rhythmic musical space. As more and more people join, a positive mood develops and soon, no one wants to miss the party (although some people might end up missing their tram stop).

Conclusion: A happier tram ride is a better tram ride.

Kunsthochschule Kassel / Susanne Wegerich and Lea Schücking



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