Paasa - Game of War

2021-12-15 19:35 - 0 Comments

How many war's are currently being fought in the world? What is humaitarian law? How can I make a difference to victims of War?
The traditional game of Chaupar/ Paachisi has been recreated on silk and now can be played with a difference…….in accordance with the Geneva conventions. In the rules of the game, the fundamental principles of humaitarian law have been interwoven. Also positions on the board have been given names such as - Dunant Fort & ICRC camps.
In a world fragmented by conflicts, the game can:
- increase knowledge & interest in the serious issue of ‘conflict’ and humanitarian Law in a playful way….penetrating the sub-conscious
- Raise resources (from their sale & an annual championship) for people who flee their homes, loose their identity and livelihoods due to conflicts/wars. In 2008, an estimated 26,000,000 people were displaced due to conflict.
- Build social capital by bringing back the tradition of playing together
- Revive interest in a traditional game, which has almost gone extinct. And use traditional handicrafts for its creation.
Submitted by Jasrriet Mahal



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