Over the Weather

2021-12-15 23:31 - 0 Comments

Over the weather. How to make bad weather fun? Location : Copenhagen, but the project is adaptable to other cities Description: Weather changes. And we can feel this change, as the temperature drops, the rain starts to drip, the winds starts howling. We notice the change, and it affects our lives in many ways. In Copenhagen, everyone is worried about the weather and everybody talks about it. It’s a recurrent subject, more than in other cities, because here, the weather is changing so often. Due of the proximity of the sea, there is a lot of wind, especially when the seasons are changing. The timing of the project, as it is set in autumn was a very important factor in coming up with our idea. As we are now closing in on the Danish autumn, you can feel the day-to-day weather shifting. People can feel the winter closing in, and that triggers a kind of “awareness” within people to be more interested in the weather.

In our project, we've focused on trying to change peoples perception of bad weather, in this case rain and wind, into something joyful.
We've been working with a quite simple tool for this; having fun. We have created an event around this, which challenges and even harness the elements as a game, and as a creative experience. The concept is divided into three different categories: The Installations. Different installations, all playing on the theme of rain, wind and interactivity. A wall that’s cut open, and is affected by the wind. Artificial puddles placed on the ground, to collect the rainwater. A Simon-Says game, that the wind is in charge.

The Interactivity. Everyone who enters the area will receive a kit. In this kit, different products will be presented to the user that helps them play different games. For these games, we will add masks that symbolize a team. This means that it’s entirely random in which team you’ll end up, opening up for interesting new constellations of people. The Communication. Due to the unpredictability of the weather, we need to be fast with delivering information about the event. Like the element with the masks (and not knowing the persons on your team), it’s also a good way of creating a “surprise” of the event, when the timeframe is so short. We strongly believe that these aspects will help people change the way they look and perceive the phenomena that is bad weather.

Submitted by Marion Burger



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