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2021-12-15 16:37 - 0 Comments

As a society, we are disengaged from our future (i.e. we don't work together to bring about social change more often and more forcefully). We also strongly believe that the main reason for this is the fact that we are built to discount issues that we are not immediately connected with (either in terms of time or in terms of location). What we propose is that we use technology to break down this artificial barriers we create in our mind between us and our future and between us and the rest of the world. This technology is screens setup on main streets in cities that stream live from a different location in our city, our country or the world showing a less fortunate part of our world. There will also be a counterpart to this screen streaming live from the fortunate location to the less fortunate location. We are bombarded with pleas to donate to various causes and often we throw money at a cause in an attempt to make it go away in our minds. By creating a technology enabled link between two parts of our realities we cannot run away from having to think more often about social change. We also get a chance to see first hand the impact our help has. The screens themselves will not ask for donations, but we hope they will trigger in the audience an immediacy to act. Submitted by Mihnea Galeteanu



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