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2021-12-15 20:59 - 0 Comments

Can we get more people to replace bottled water for drinking fountains by making it fun to do?
BIG PROBLEM: Plastic bottles can take up to 1000 years to biodegradate and currently only 10% of almost 40'000'000 bottles consumed a day worlwide is properly recycled. Bottled water consumed in America in one year requires over 1'500'000 barrels of oil, enough to power up 250,000 homes in the same year.
BRiLLiANT SOLUTION: LItE WaTEr promotes drinking water form drinking fountains in parks and special events therefore reducing the amount of plastic bottles waste, the water is illuminated in a constatly changing series of colours by a set of battery powered LEDs producing a nice stream of pure LItE WaTEr. EXTRAS: The LItE WaTEr drinking experience can be enhaced by playing a nice tone when the device is activated, wouldn't it be nice to refresh yourself with colour changing LItE WaTEr while listenting to "somewhere over the raindow"?, or activate a StarWar's lightsaber fountain emiting a powerfull beam of LItE WaTEr with the characteristic "uuaaaaannngggh" sound... or some funny shaped fountain like those tinny angels splashing out a nice stream of yellow colored LItE WaTEr from their tinny tinny... jars of whatever they hold!!! P.S. If you already own a plastic bottle, we won't blame you for refilling, your bottle will glow of joy!
Submitted by DAVID GALLO



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