Let High School Children Grow Up Recycling!

2021-12-15 17:50 - 0 Comments

Methods (refer to the picture):
- by setting up a recycling “corner” in high schools where huge recycling bins would be located for all recyclable materials

- Electronic touch screen “Social Wall” will be installed in the same area where students of this particular high school can leave comments, messages, news, and information about events, people and social groups on the particular campus. Only students of this particular school will have access to this wall which they may use in ways analogous to forums and social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. At the same time they will be in the recycling area, which would remind them to recycle their items. Also once they are there already it’s easier to recycle the items instead of throwing them into regular trash bins. This habitual behavior will enforce students’ propensity to recycle once they are out of high school as well.

Sound Effects:
The idea is to have step-on sensors which can serve as audio reminders to recycle. As the student walks by recycling area and steps (by accident, at least at first) on the sensor, she will hear a reminder along these lines: “Have you done your recycling today?” or fun facts “Did you know that recycling one plastic bottle saves that much energy?” which will reinforce recycling behavior.

Behavioral Implications:
In our project we rely on the idea that habits reinforce behavior, thus if students get used to recycling in schools they will continue recycling from then on.

Social Wall will be a powerful way of social interaction in such closed communities as schools. We do not think that recycling should be directly linked to messaging, meaning that you get to post your message only if you recycle something. Such a limitation would provide students with incentives to cheat and throw simple trash in bins. Rather by voluntary recycling students will learn recycling habits.

High schools especially are places of very high social pressure, where many students are not only active, but also aware of social and environmental problems. Growing awareness about recycling will discourage students who do not recycle, because they will be perceived as irresponsible individuals.
Submitted by Maria Manolova and Anna Shegurova



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