Let Children Grow Up Recyling!

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Children interact with each other, by inventing various games. The most common behavior of children is to climb and get on high places. Psychologists explain this behavior, by children’s’ attempt to see the world from “above”. Children are also very curious and are not afraid from heights. By proposing this installation, we believe to get children involved into the practice of recycling. Such interactive bins can make children aware of their possibilities to throw rubbish in various ways. By incorporating sound into each box, we are trying to stimulate the children’s attention towards recycling. Combining visuals, sounds and games, the children will be constantly reminded that they can throw (or as we call it “feed”) the bin by putting the appropriate material in the appropriate bin.

Aim: To create awareness among young children in elementary school and high schools about the importance of recycling, and develop habitual recycling behavior among them.

Motto: Let children grow up recycling!

- Holistic approach to recycling, 2 programs: one aimed at elementary school students and another one targeted at high school age students

1) Elementary School Project:
- Using bright, colorful bins
- Arranging each bin next to each other in a “chart like” position ( refer to the visual graph)
- By arranging the bins in a stair-like way, children will be able to climb up and down, which is a form of a game among children.
- Incorporating sound affects in each bin to remind the child what is the purpose of each bin/box
- Using vivid images on the front part of each bin, which will show common objects that can be recycled (for example: children drink juices from carton boxes. The bin for recycling paper can contain the image of the carton box, so the child knows that it should throw it empty juice box there). We will avoid glass bins, as we consider glass to be a hazard for children of elementary school age.

Positioning the installment:
- Playground - where usually children play, interact with each other
- Schools - this can include elementary schools and possibly kindergartens

The installment and its elements:
There are five elements in the installment. Each of them is in the shape of a box and each of them is also a bin, which can be emptied and filled in. These are the four various bin types:
1. Paper
2. Metal
3. Biological Waste
4. Plastic
5. Glass

Sound affects: Each bin should have an individual sound affect. As the child climbs the “ladder” of bins, each bin will make a fun sound. The sounds should correspond to the purpose of the bin. For example if the child steps on the bin for glass recycling this is a suggestion for a possible sound affect:

A way to make children listen to sound is through telling them funny stories and playing them children’s songs. This is why the sounds that each bin makes should be fun, and should provoke smile or laughter.
Submitted by Mariya Manolova



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