Kitty-Cat Toilet Brush

2021-12-15 18:27 - 0 Comments

In public places or company buildings the toilet brush to clean the lavatory pan is a rarely used device. Of course it is! Because it is everything else but fun to use the tb. My idea is to make it more fun to use the brush by making it respond to use.
The physical feedback of the brush should produce positive emotions and be
fun to a certain extent. So I decided to make the brush purr like a cat when used. A purring brush is unexpected
and quite funny on one hand, on the other hand cat purring is a charming and lovely
sound giving good emotions accompanied by a mechanical vibration both in cat and
in the purr-brush, giving a more intensive feedback to the user. Users brushing casually will start brushing more throughly to experience more purring. Users will talk about the purr brush and other visitors will give it a try to find out whether
the purr rumor is true. Thats fun!
Submitted by Timm Reinisch



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