Indiana Jones Crosswalk

2021-12-15 23:24 - 0 Comments

Using Augmented Reality technology, our project is to make the crossing street only in crosswalk a fun habit. With two video cameras and two big screens, the crosswalk will be filmed on-line, the pedestrians will see their own images on screen, in front, stepping in exciting scenarios during the crossing, in both directions. Electrically synchronized with the traffic light when it releases the pedestrians, the augmented reality resources, will overlapping on the crosswalk images such as: a river, a swimming pool, a wading pool, a cliff , a path of stones, a wooden bridge over a canel, a lake full of crocodiles, etc.. The alternation of these scenarios will incentived the pedestrians to keep using the crosswlak. When the traffic light releases the the cars, the Augmented Reality effect stops. Having an attraction for fun , in more of a way, we all will prefer use the crosswalk, regardless norms traffic that vary from country to country, however the sense of fun is common to humans beens. Submitted by Adriana Gazetta Bragotto.



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