Humor Toilet Seat

2021-12-15 21:57 - 0 Comments

There is an obvious trend in public restrooms around the world: clean bathrooms stay clean, and dirty bathrooms get dirtier. Imagine throwing a paper towel and missing the wastebasket. How likely are you to pick up the towel if the bathroom floor is filthy? Let’s apply the same logic to a public toilet stall. How likely are men to lift the seat – to avoid dripping during a standing #1 – if the seat is already wet? Not very likely. So the question becomes: How do we get men to lift the toilet seat, consistently? The answer should be obvious: By making it fun! To encourage men to lift the toilet seat I propose writing a joke of the day on the top of the seat. When men enter the toilet stall, they read the joke, and must lift the seat to get the answer.

Did you hear about the two peanuts in the park? (…lift the seat and I’ll tell you what happened…) They got a-salted!
Submitted by Kalvis Jaunarajs.



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