Give Peace a Chance

2021-12-15 15:40 - 0 Comments

Too often in our disputes with friends, family and neighbors we chose non-productive and sometime destructive options for handling conflict. Over time these become knee-jerk reactions with little thought going to other ways of engaging those with whom we are in conflict.

Give Peace a Chance is a game, located in large public spaces, that helps people explore constructive alternatives in handling their everyday disputes.

Attracted by the flashing beacon “Got a conflict? Explore your options,” people spin a large, brightly painted wheel where different conflict handling strategies are painted on each of the wheel’s pie slices (itemized below). If the strategy is unacceptable, they spin again. Each time the wheel comes to a rest a new pearl of wisdom from Nobel laureates, civil rights activists, authors and leaders is displayed on the adjacent screen, motivating the user to find a constructive solution to their conflict (examples below). At the bottom of the screen is a piece of advice; “Don’t leave the solutions to your conflicts to chance. Consider a wide variety of options and select a series of actions that will work for you.” Submitted by Mark M. Rogers



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