Funstainable Floor Electrogenerator

2021-12-15 19:55 - 0 Comments

Based on the theories of Coulomb summarizing:
"when a magnetic field is cut by a conductive material a displacement of electrons takes place"
Our checked project is to place self-adhesive imams in the soles of the shoes,
When these shoe-imams move on the tiles that contains the reels, electricity flows are generated
that will be added to other tiles, through simple electronic reducers of voltage and current it will store this energy in batteries.
Provided of current sensors and voltage, the screens will indicate the score, scoring and games according to defined sector of the floor, etc. The scoring posters and games will be fed of the energy generated by the floor
The tiles are of little thickness and they can be placed on existent floors
To place in areas of high traffic of pedestrians, dance hints, pedestrian crossings, shoppings,
dance living rooms, etc

Submitted by Adrian Glat



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