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Freindly High Five Trees

2021-12-15 23:00 - 0 Comments

What’s the need?
Connecting with nature as a Living and not only an existing being.
This ideas will help educate and create a connect between us humans and Mother Nature through trees. Deforestation is on the rise in many countries. Nations are working hard to cut down pollution and stop global warming. This simple gesture is one step in building a relationship between an individual and our planet. Going one step ahead and asking the common man to help plant a little sapling.

Concept for Fun theory

There are Trees most often planted on the side walk.
Where ever there are 4 or more trees planted in a row this concept would work fine.
These trees will have a hand sticking out, as though it is the trees hand, urging people to give a high five. The hand will be flexible and movable so that it does not injure any one in any way.
The first hand will be placed at a level that can be easily reached. The tree would have a tag saying
“High five please – thank you for making me grow this big ” or a tagline on similar lines to this.
As a passerby gives a high five there is a ‘clap’ sound and a line thanking the person from the tree.
There is a similar setting on the next tree, the only difference is this time the hand is placed little higher so that a passer by may have to jump a bit for a high five
There is 3rd similar setting on the third tree, this time the level of the hand is way beyond reach and the tag line reads : “How far will you go to grow another one like me?”
And not very far away there is a neatly decorated setting with cute saplings wrapped around with tags that read “orphans” who would love Your high fives too.
End with another blurb “Grow and value trees, Mother Earth is perspiring ”

Also, Indian scientist J C Bose shows how the nervous system of a tree works and how they react to surroundings.

Submitted by Robin Fernandes



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