Fortunetelling Machine for Recycling Chopsticks

2021-12-15 23:11 - 0 Comments

Fortunetelling machine for chopsticks recycling. In many Asian countries usual habit is to use single use chopsticks which are thrown away after single use. Numbers indicate: Just in Japan about 90 000 tons of used chopsticks finish in rubbish. It is amount of 25 billons chopsticks which connected make three times distance from earth to moon. In China 25.000.000 trees are being cut just for production of chopsticks. China produces about 45 billions chopsticks per year. Chopsticks export to Japan is large as 4 billions cubic meters of wood. Main problem with recycling is that restaurants owners don’t want extra duties. Other problem is that collecting bents for chopstick doesn’t exist.

According to fun theory people will recycle theirs chopsticks after a meal by themselves if it is fun. Thing that can help and we have it after a meal in "Chinese" restaurant in Europe and USA is fortune cookies. Combining these three things we can make "Chopsticks recycling fortunetelling machine". Solution is container about 170 cm height with hole for inserting used chopsticks, LCD, print button and small printout hole.
After inserting chopsticks one by one machine calculate time between dropping 1st and 2nd stick and choose fortune cookie message for LCD. After chopsticks are inserted message appear on LCD: "Thank you for taking care for our mother Earth" Your fortune for today: Grand adventures await those who are willing to turn the corner For printout of this cookie as souvenir press PRINT

In case of printout: Please consider your environmental responsibility before printing this souvenir. On the top of printout is a logo of the restaurant with basic info (as a motivation to owners for putting chopstick recycler in to the restaurant. fortune cookie saying time and GPS position

Submitted by Mislav Sabolic



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